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  • Chloé Hosts First LA Fashion Show

    No fashion house defies logic in their creation of such clean silhouettes quite like Chloé does. Each piece is stunning, and any outfit with Chloé just screams chic minimalism. I counted myself lucky to be a part of the glam squad takeover at the Brody House this past week. 

    The house was decorated with actors, fashion editors, bloggers, and stylists. A troop of men guarded the driveway. Only the names on the list could pass. It brought a whole new meaning to kicking ass and taking names

    January Jones was the hostess for the evening, and Haim the band did a special performance. Fresh oysters, hors d'eurves, and cocktails were served. It was a true Hollywood evening, and I had so much fun!


    What we did for the models' nails was very natural and clean. We used Zoya products on everyone, and kept it as close to the models' natural nail color as possible. I also did Alana (above picture-left)'s manicure, and we used Zoya's Godiva on her. It was the perfect slightly shimmery nude. 

    I would dream about being at events like this 3 years ago, and now I'm there, backstage, in the action. I won't say I've made it because I haven't, but I will say I'm beginning to enjoy the ride